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2015 Bully Pulpit Fall Scramble

Theodore Roosevelt's Birthday

Medora's Old Fashioned Cowboy Christmas


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    0923. 九月中時,某天鎮上的天空。 從七月初剩下很多日子,到九月底倒數很少日子,時間飛快不停的走,有人問要回來台灣了嗎?我回答快了。心裡卻覺得怎麼真的快了⋯在這裏遇見了各種在地理課本上才可能注意到的國家,大家用著英文談天說笑,談論工作趣事。十二號那天季節結束了,鎮上盛事的音樂劇也得說聲明年見,人潮復不再,各家餐廳相繼關閉,開始支援餐廳廚房的深度清潔,這週也去旅館房務幫忙鋪幾張床。鎮上營業餐廳寥寥無幾,多的是夜晚的星星,每天消遣時光是到酒吧點一杯甜白酒,啜飲著談論著還剩幾天,什麼時候離開⋯有時候總是想著經歷了好多事,想和誰說說,想和誰抱怨,卻總是沒有著落該找誰,朋友常說我總是太獨立,這樣不好,曾經嘗試跟誰分享才赫然發現其實他們可能沒那麼想聽,回答也總是千篇一律,頓時也失去了傾吐的慾望。有的人說好羨慕,因為總看見我們在玩樂的照片,卻忘了不會有人在遇到挫折難過委屈時,上傳自己傷心流淚的照片。吃著自己隨手做的三明治,嘗試加青菜肉蛋起司想讓它成為健康一點點的泡麵,成了唯一主食,懷念台灣的食物,卻也開始懷念這裏的一切。 倒數一週,我在梅朵拉 北達科達州的日子。 #Medora #Northdakota #Day86 #7Daysleft...
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Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation Theodore Roosevelt

The Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation (TRMF) is a public non-profit organization that was formed in 1986.

The TRMF operates lodging, entertainment, recreation, and services in the beautiful ND badlands through the contributions and teamwork of a board of directors, a full time staff of approximately 30, 300+ seasonal employees, 300 + seasonal volunteers, and financial support from generous supporters.


Medora Musical sees over 124,000 and Bully Pulpit en route to 19,000 (Medora, ND) – The Theodore Roosevelt Medora {more}

As our 2015 Medora Musical comes to a close… cast, band, riders, crew, employees start to clean {more}

This year’s rally to feature the 1st Annual Badlands Kite Fest (Medora, ND) – The Theodore Roosevelt Medora {more}

With a week left of the show over 114,000 have attended, more than 120,000 expected   (MEDORA, {more}

Performances pay tribute to former Burning Hills Singer and Host of the Medora Musical. (Medora, ND) – The Theodore Roosevelt {more}